With Rick Wilkerson

Ben Miller of A Band Called BEN lives in Nashville, TN where he does session work for different companies and plays guitar on the road with Jamie Lynn Spears, Stephanie Quayle, Bucky Covington, and Nicole C. Mullen. They have recently formed a full band around the tunes Ben has been writing, called A Band Called BEN. The music he writes currently was inspired by his time spent on the road with artists, especially his band mates. They spend time listening to other artists on the road and that always make Ben want to write tunes. He has written most of the album with Sheldon Clark. The first teaser track, "She Sang to Me", was actually written down by the river in Muscle Shoals, AL.

Rick Wilkerson has roots in two of America’s most significant states when it comes to music, Mississippi and Tennessee. The influence he received from the southern traditions of soul music blended with a continuous exposure to the NYC jazz scene (via his parents) created his diverse and widely well-received approach to jazz. Wilkerson is also a passionate songwriter and a prolific and diverse stage performer and drummer who has worked with well-known artists like Keith Urban, James Otto, Chris Janson, Dr. Ben Tankard, Ricardo Sanchez, Carmen, and The Wooten Brothers, just to name a few. Currently his debut EP, “Aspire” is available on iTunes.


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