Ask Roulette

With Solid Rock'it Boosters

During Ask Roulette, strangers ask each other any question they want, big or small, in front of a live audience. Questions are serious or silly, and answers are short or long. Over the course of the evening, you'll get unexpected connections, surprising anecdotes, and honest conversation. You'll also laugh. You can also just watch - not everyone has to come on stage.

Here's how it works. On stage are two chairs, separated by a divider. The audience can see both chairs, and the people on stage can see the audience -- but the people on stage can't see each other. Participants are selected one at a time from questions submitted in advance. When your name is called, come on stage and sit in the empty seat. The previous participant will ask you their question. Once you've answered, the next participant will come on stage and you'll ask them your question. Your host will occasionally jump in to ask follow-up questions or move the evening along. If you're on stage, you'll be asked to close your eyes as the next participant is selected and takes his/her seat. It's this anonymity -- not knowing who you're posing your question to - that's at the heart of the experience.


Sponsored by Bask Haus Radio Group


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