Kelsey Waldon

With Jordan Hull & Cale Tyson

Kelsey Waldon is set to release her much anticipated full length album titled, The Goldmine, produced by Michael Rinne and Anderson East at Farmland Studios in Nashville, on June 24. This record is the follow up to her critically acclaimed EP titled, Fixin'It Up.

Kelsey, who now lives in Nashville, is a Blue Kentucky... girl by birth (born in Barlow, KY) having been raised on country classics like Hank Williams, Tom T. Hall, Gram Parsons, Loretta Lynn and countless others, citing them as her hero's. She's a student of the craft of songwriting, always taking special care to tell the hard truth and say the needed words. Brian Atkinson from CMT Edge says of Kelsey, "She's a razor-sharp lyricist and a singular singer with the biggest heart in town."

Fans of a more traditional style of country music will enjoy Kelsey's heavy twang and love of moody pedal steel. She is often compared to Jessie Colter and Caitlin Rose, the full spectrum of strong female artists still living with high regard to well-crafted song. She's the undisputed queen of the East Nashville country scene, proving her music to be accessible to hipsters and traditionalists, both desiring authentic talent that isn't contrived or put on.

The album was fully fan-funded by a Kickstarter campaign further proving Kelsey's hard earned place in Nashville.


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