With Blue Eyed Bettys

Leonard the Band is an original music group from Metropolis, IL. We have many artistic influences such as; Neil Young, Bob Marley, Television, Wilco, The Band, Spoon, and Bob Dylan, can be heard within our work. The sound is completely owned by the band and the members contributions and styles are distinct and groovy. It's held strong by Brian's poetic lyrics and unorthodox chord progressions, Adam's liquid blues/jazz bass lines, Tootie's progressive and precise percussion and Zack's alternative stoner rock/jazz organ/piano. Without one piece of the LTB puzzle, it wouldn't be LTB. If in search of honest representational art, LTB is a great place to start. We strive for a tight live sound. We feel it is necessary to create, and share with those who will open their ears!

With Daniel Emond on banjo, Sarah Hund on fiddle, and Ben Mackel on guitar, The Blue Eyed Bettys delight with their folky-bluegrass sound. But what always seems to grab audiences immediately are their powerful vocals in three part harmony. All actors by trade, The Blue Eyed Bettys met while doing a new play together at the Florida Studio Theatre in Sarasota, FL. "Their theater-influenced performances and immaculate harmonies have earned them the admiration of local musicians and showers alike," says journalist Nick Friedman of thisweekinsarasota.com. They recently played Lincoln Center NYC, and have shared bills with Mipso, Underhill Rose, Woody Pines, and Larry Cordle.  They are singers and storytellers first; therein lies their ability to turn boisterous bars into attentive listening rooms and sleepy pubs into raucous parties as they weave stories with their exuberant performances. 


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