Leonard the Band Album Release Show

With Mountain King

Forming in a rural farming community outside of Metropolis, IL, Leonard the Band has sought out originality since day one. The music is a blending pot of influences, from the likes of Wilco, The Beatles, Neil Young, and Fugazi (just to name a few). The music is sure to be a new experience for every listener. The band consists of singer/guitarist-Brian Rader, bassist-Adam Rader, drummer-Taylor Rader, backup vocalist/guitarist-Luke Taylor, and keyboardist-Zack Winding.

Mountain King and The Plateau Queen were born from the ashes of several other musical efforts. After years of multiple styles and incarnations, they have arrived at this particular junction with the urge to break through musical boundaries, such as standard time signatures and radio rock guitar crunch. With influences including bands such as White Denim, Radiohead, Apollo Sunshine, and others, being normal is the least of this band's worries. After the departure of Kara, Mountain King and the Plateau Queen has been shortened to Mountain King.


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