Maiden Radio and LOCAL premiere of Mary

With Like Water

This is a truly special event as we will be premiering a locally made film as well as highlighting some amazing live music.  Light hors d'oeuvres will be served.  

Maiden Radio

Maiden Radio is Julia Purcell, Cheyenne Mize &Joan Shelley. The band hales from Louisville, Kentucky. They're an old-time trio, favoring traditional songs from their home state, re-arranged for 3-part harmony (and three of the loveliest voices you may hear).  While showing a clear reverence and love for the great singers of the past, their music is timeless & beautiful, and the original compositions played at their shows (and that are occasionally on their recordings) are indistinguishable from the tunes people have been listening to for ages & ages.

Like Water

Like Water is a World Fusion Duo which assumes no musical boundaries. Like Water is an improvisational duo, playing off each other, the environment, and people and activities around them. The musical journey of this duo takes one from the Outback of Australia, to Morocco, from funk, jazz and tribal and into outer space. Members are Danny Granstaff, Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and Dean Hughes, Percussionist.



'Mary' explores the struggles of solitude and change, the known and the unknown, the human relationship to place and the challenge of expectation and need.

This event will open with the premiere of a locally made film entitled "Mary", starring local actress Mary Remy. This is a collaborative video-art work produced by Paul Lorenz (musical score) and Glenn Hall (video director). It was recently accepted into the festival 'SELF' in Venice, Italy at Palazzo Ca' Zanardi and Venice Art House.  

The birth of this collaborative narrative art video began when Lorenz composed and engineered a strong, haunt- ingly minor musical score while working on art in Mérida, the capital city of Yucatán, Mexico. After seeing his photographer friend Glenn Hall’s film in Paducah’s 48 Hour Film Festival, Lorenz knew he had found the perfect videographer to create the visual content for this score. “This is what it sounds like,” he told Hall. “What does it look like?”


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