Miracles of Modern Science

With Fairseas

Miracles of Modern Science have a vision for the future of pop music. Forget mind-controlled beats and artificially intelligent synthesizers—with just violin, cello, mandolin, drums, and a double bass-wielding frontman, MOMS create “pop that sounds like something new” (Wired). Their new LP, Mean Dreams (out 8.14.15), unites past and future in a set of songs that upend notions of what stringed instruments can do.

On Mean Dreams, strings are neither rock imitation nor classical ornamentation. “There’s no separate string section behind music stands supporting the band,” notes singer/bassist Evan Younger. “The strings are the band.”

“In some ways it’s a limitation, but there are things our instruments can do that others can’t,” says violinist Kieran Ledwidge. “We think differently with strings in our hands than we would with guitars or keyboards. It’s exciting to see what songs come out of this combination.”

The band’s classically inspired passion for counterpoint and structure adds a dimension seldom heard in pop songs. You’ll rarely find one member strumming chords while another plays lead; on Mean Dreams, each instrument’s distinct melodies combine into elaborate textures. The record is a tapestry of recurring themes and motifs, where odd rhythms and harmonic detours weave seamlessly in and out of hooks.



Nonlinear Indie Rock

Jeran Simmons - Vocals/Guitar

Codie Franklin - Vocals/Guitar

Bobby Dowell - Bass/Vocals

Shanden Simmons - Drums/Vocals


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