Sam Hadfield CD Release Show

With Chris Black

Sam Hadfield's first full-length album, 2013's "Livin' With Free Livin On My Mind", was heavily influenced by old time, bluegrass, folk, and country blues. His new EP, "Finders Never Sing the Blues", finds the songwriter gravitating more towards rock 'n' roll while ensuring that the songs remain steeped in storytelling. "Finders..." is a collection of songs about depression and unrealized potential alongside songs about an arsonist burning down a high school and a ringleader of the underground rock 'n' roll scene in late 1960s NYC. From the longing sadness of "Fallin' is a Feelin'" to the rock 'n' roll punch and rawness of "Dark Prince of the Underground", to the rollicking boogie woogie of "Firebug Ronnie", Hadfield delivers a genuine album that can be revisited time and time again.

Chris Black plays awesome music!!!!


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