Social Pressures

Feminism is for everyone.

18+ Mature Themes

If you are someone who thinks that feminism is only for women, or if you are someone who enjoys participating in conversations about social ideologies, this event is for you.

Funded by the Kentucky Foundation for Women, this event aims to engage people who originally believe that the current patriarchal power structures do not harm them in any way. Structures that rely on the "Power over" model will always be built on the inhibition of the human spirit. Feminism is for everyone and this event aims to illustrate this through the talents and thought processes of several local artists.
These artists were tasked to examine how they are negatively impacted in a society built to benefit them, to show how everyone will benefit from the deconstruction of these systems.

Each artist is creating 2 self portraits: one to illustrate the toxicity under the "power over" social structure and the other will illustrate their pure human spirit outside of these toxic social structures.



Michael Crouse, Savanah Jackson, Toney Little, Rachel Mahoney, Allie Reynolds, Grace Stewart, Thomas Stewart, and Shaun Weeks.


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