The Calamity Cubes

With Chris Black & the Eagles of Unemployment

THE CALAMITY CUBES! are a high energy, acoustic quartet rooted in the power of honest and thoughtful songwriting. Hailing from the Great Free State of Kansas, THE CALAMITY CUBES! are more easily described by their mission and approach to music than by any specific genre or homogeneity of sound.

Boasting 4 accomplished songwriters of varying styles (Joey Henry-Banjo, Brook Blanche- Guitar, Kody Oh!-Bass, and Billy Cook-Mandolin), the band has carved out a solid musical altar upon which the art of songwriting can be worship w/ a loud and sweaty fervor.

A CUBES! live show is charged with passion, and it's not difficult to be swept away in the frenetic and emotional performances this band delivers on a staggeringly consistent basis.

Through hundreds of shows and the destruction of numerous vans over 8 years and countless miles, THE CALAMITY CUBES! have proven a dedication to their craft and fans that is seldom seen in bands today.
So bask in the Gold Light, meet your new family, and prepare for a storytime like no other!

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