The Hooten Hallers

With Dead Soldiers and Red Ember

The Hooten Hallers are a blues, soul, and rock n' roll band from Columbia, MO. They are: John Randall (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Rehm (Drums/Vocals) and Kellie Everett (Bass & Baritone Saxophones). Known for their raucous live shows and influenced heavily by the canon of American roots music, this hard touring band does everything in their power to bring that music to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Click here for more information on The Hooten Hallers.


Dead Soldiers is an American Roots based band from Memphis, Tennessee. From Stax to Sun to the delta and beyond, Dead Soldiers have carved out their own dark perspective on what it means to live and die in the American South. Songs about poverty, aging, mental illness, and institutionalized racism are just a few of the topics set them apart lyrically from what the world has come to expect from todays crop of soft handed "americana" artists. Musically the band draws influence from so many directions it's hard to pin any one down. The Band, Tom Waits, Willie Nelson, Randy Newman, Louvin Brothers are just a few of their heroes.                                            Click here for more information on Dead Soldiers.


Red Ember like to call themselves an extremely hype string band, with bluesy grooves, and metal accents. Weird combination? Yea we know.                                         Click here for more information on Red Ember.



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